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Street Trading Licensing

Are you considering setting up a business selling goods from the street such as flowers, food, or something similar. you may need to seek permission from your local council.

If you wish to sell articles, good or services from the street, it is likely that you will need a street trading licence or a street trading consent to do so.  Some councils have a street trading consent regime, some have street trading licence regime and some have a combination of both in specific streets. Some have no regime at all and trading is a free or all.

If you are considering selling goods from a temporary stall or vehicle at a fixed location, you should check first with your local council as to what licensing regime they have in place.  

I can provide advice, training and support for new applicants and existing licensed businesses.      

Linda... has successfully negotiated with Local Authority Licensing Teams on our behalf regarding their interpretation of the Licensing Act 2003 in respect of our applications.

NL – Brand Events London

Linda was great, clearly has a lot of knowledge and more importantly she knows how to share her knowledge and experience.

Rushcliffe Borough Council

Linda was able to demonstrate how situations can be resolved and actioned on an officer level with examples of practical applications.

Introduction to Taxi Licensing course – Birmingham

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